Reflecting our philosophy, Morris & James Pottery is produced by local Artisans using clay excavated from our site on the banks of the Matakana river in the north of Auckland region, New Zealand. We share the same long term vision held by the founder of the company, Ant Morris, to produce ceramics that will become treasured possessions, transcending fashion to take ongoing pride of place in homes for years, if not generations to come. Distinctive, quirky, but always unique, our ceramics are a wonderful reflection of New Zealand’s craft heritage and pioneering spirit.

 New designs are regularly added to the existing range, and Morris & James has a commitment to delivering fresh new work on a regular basis. Although our pots, panels and tiles can be found in selected shops and galleries throughout New Zealand, the Matakana Collection Showroom is where you will first see our new designs and one-off pieces as they emerge from the kilns. If you are a collector or just want something extra special, then a visit to the pottery is essential.

Designs are developed throughout the year. Designs are often themed, across pots, wall art and tiles, drawing on a wide range of inspiration. Some designs are abstract- dramatic patterns executed in varying palettes; others draw more directly on nature or identifiable subject matter. Many feature New Zealand’s distinctive flora, fauna and landscapes, which are particularly suitable for much appreciated gifts for home or overseas.

At Morris & James design is a genuinely collaborative effort, with many people contributing along the way. It is often much harder than it seems to achieve what is required, be that form or colour. The glazes, many of which have been developed specifically for Morris & James clay, react differently when combined or applied in different thicknesses and balancing the technical challenges to achieve the desired appearance is a constant and ongoing challenge! Successful design is a fusion of many skills. Morris & James has brought together a team of skilled individuals who work to create the bold forms and vibrant colour combinations for which we are renowned for.