Coffee beaker, taste and colour

How much coffee do you drink? With a cafe at the front of our pottery the temptation for us is too great, and we almost certainly drink more than we should! Northland is currently being lashed by some of the most ferocious storms for quite a few years and we have had a steady stream of visitors looking for a cosy spot to shelter. Most people like a decent sized cup, so we have made a generous beaker that you can wrap your hands around on a cold winters day! Using the Jolley process that I described a couple of months ago, this beaker is made from fine red terracotta glazed with overlapping black-sand glazes - pale blue and pumice.We'll add some others soon, although we need to choose them carefully as from personal experience (some what backed up by various scientific studies) the perception of taste is enhanced by certain colours.

Terracotta orange and coffee work particularly well for me!

The opposing ridges add character to the form whilst providing a secure grip and a little bit of off-set so your fingers don't get too hot! Jill our Marketing Manager was the first to test run the beaker and announced that it was fit for purpose and a pleasure to drink from. You're not going to find ones like this every where- hand crafted with a contemporary edge.

- Nick C



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