Great minds...

Great minds...

There is a sound artistic precedent for stacking or placing objects on plinths; simply elevating something almost inevitably changes the way we respond to it, giving it a new status. We started exploring this idea after a conversation that arose during the unloading of a kiln cart.

After firing, the terracotta pots are removed from the kiln and stacked before being taken to the decorating area. The shapes created by these stacks struck us as interesting and we have done quite a lot of development in this area. Working with landscapers and individual customers we have designed a variety of stacked pieces to suit specific locations and planting schemes. Whilst all of our pots look great in a garden setting, the sheer size of these pieces makes them a a dramatic focal point.

A couple of weeks ago I went on the Heroic Garden Tour in Auckland (which incidentally was a great way to spend a sunny afternoon while supporting a worthwhile cause) and came across a similar approach in one of the gardens. There are all sorts of creative options when it comes to using ceramics in a landscaping situation and this is well worth considering if you want to add something unique to your garden or home.

Do be careful though if you decide to start piling large pots on top of each other! They are really heavy and you don't want them toppling over. We usually modify ours so that they are bolted together or secured with an internal post which means they can safely be filled with earth for planting.

- Nick C