Our new Oceania & Tapa Bowls!

Our new range of bowls have been very popular. They are made by pressing the clay into a spinning mould which gives the outside of the bowl a smooth crisp appearance, while the inside is hand shaped with distinctive throw lines...which you can clearly see in the bowls in the foreground. 

The Oceania range are fully glazed with a black sand glaze, so the soft colours (Jade, Lagoon and Pumice) are dappled with specks of a local iron sand. Simple but characterful. The Tapa version derives its name mainly from the colour of the unglazed clay, a rich burnt umber. The inside is washed with a translucent white glaze called Vellum. Again, simple but attractively contrasting finishes. We make these bowls in three sizes, the smaller ones fit the hands nicely, and are suitable for eating from; the largest is ideal as a serving vessel. Although only in limited production we are working on a beaker and a version with a handle, both of which will be available in the next few weeks. The Tapa beaker, as well as looking good makes coffee taste better; must be the colours! A psychological effect maybe, but none the less very real!
- Nick C



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