New kiln

We’d really like a one six times the size, but this is a good step along the way! We are starting to get into the swing of producing the jigger jolly ware, and the Oceania bowls are selling well. We recently added a tumbler to the range and to meet demand for the new products we needed another kiln.

These products need to be fired at a slightly higher temperature than we use for the large pots, in the large kilns. To date we have been using a very small top loaded kiln, which has obviously slowed everything down and the time was right to look for something bigger. Deciding on exactly the right size was not easy but in the end we chose a relatively small one that would allow us to do batches on a ‘just in time’ basis, rather than having to hold glazed stock until we have enough to fill a larger kiln. It means everything is freshly baked, hot from the kilns when it goes on the showroom shelves!
- Nick C


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