Heavy Metal Glaze

Every time the kiln is unloaded there is a sense of anticipation as the still warm pieces are unloaded. The nature of development work is that it is uncertain, and there is always the risk that new ideas will result in disappointment. You have to live with this, because as they say 'no pain no gain', but it certainly can be frustrating at times. But when something goes well, the irritation is soon forgotten. Several weeks ago we noticed that one of the newer glazes when applied over white engobe (which is essentially a fine clay coating sprayed or painted over the terracotta) looked remarkably like cast iron. We have a variety of metallic glazes but this one was particularly rich in subtle coloring's and textures reminiscent of foundry work, with a distinctly 'medieval' feel.


Using this as starting point we set about developing some forms that would work well with this robust surface treatment, and as you can see we ended up with tableware fit for a knights banquet! Interestingly although the bold shapes have an historical feel, there are also overtones of 'light industrial', an aesthetic that sits very well amongst sparser contemporary interiors. A beautiful finish we have yet to fully explore.

- Nick C

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