Ceramic wayfinders along the walkway from Point Wells to Matakana

Ceramic wayfinders along the walkway from Point Wells to Matakana

Almost six months ago now, the community groups of Pt Wells and Matakana jointly applied for funding from the Auckland City Council for a series of sculptural way markers to be placed along the newly opened walk and cycle track between the two communities. The Morris and James columns were selected from a number of submissions from interested artists and designers. Our proposal features a series of eight columns, that are inscribed with stylized topographical maps, charting the journey along the walkway. Morris and James uses clay dug from the fields around the village, and the idea of using the soil itself to map the land was attractive.
The column segments, 60 in all!

The shape of the columns is also reminiscent of the core samples that geologists take, appearing to rise from the ground exposing some of the history of the district. Visible from a distance, the segmented columns are designed to unobtrusively compliment the natural landscape, and finished in such a way that they will weather, age gracefully and almost become part of the landscape. The project is well underway, but not yet finished.

There have been set backs; technical difficulties with soil stability and high water tables have made putting in foundations more complicated than expected, but the main ceramic components are now finished and ready to be installed. When we get to the next stage I'll post some more photos of the installations and the completed pieces.


Until then here here is a glimpse of the work in progress!

- Nick C