Morris and James goes to America!

Christmas came with a hiss and a roar! The build up to the festive season is always hectic, but is usually followed by a calm spell. The pottery closes, everyone goes away to catch up with family and friends, lounge on the beach or spend some quality 'me' time.

This year was a bit different though, as late last year we received an order for a variety of pots to be shipped to the States. All hands on deck! This was a challenge not just because of the time of year but because it required juggling normal production with this extra demand. Who could have predicted that packing could take so long and that so many forms, labels and documents would be needed! It seemed that getting it ready to ship took more time than making it! But the staff rose to the occasion, worked long hours and finally yesterday we loaded and waved it good bye! Relative calm has now returned!




- Nick C

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