About our Design Lab

The next time you visit the Morris & James pottery, look out for pieces labelled ‘D-lab’. These are one-off works and designs that are often not repeated, created by our potters & hand decoration artists.

The artisans include their unique signature on these collectible pieces. Many people seek out new works by our senior artists Ian Foote, Jacs Connelley and Karen Gray. New ideas are also developed by our Head of Design, Nick Charlton.

Occasionally, new ideas or D-lab designs are adapted to suit our production range, which is available to purchase on our website or from our nationwide stockists. Our production ranges are consistent in size and decoration, yet still a bit special and unique as each is handmade, so no two designs are exactly the same.

D-lab designs can also include unique or different glazes applied by our hand decoration artists and developed by our Technical Manager Mike Rose.


Creative Wednesdays

Fostering a culture of creativity, our Creative Wednesdays give the team an afternoon to work on their own projects. These projects often become D-lab pieces on display in our showroom.


Where it all began

The Design Lab, originally called the Ant Morris Department (or AM Department), was where a Morris & James creative team would assist Ant Morris in large pots and ceramic works to his vision. Ian Foote, currently Head Pottery at Morris & James, had been a part of that team after spending some initial time at the pottery learning the ropes.

Today, any of our eleven skilled artisans can produce a ‘D-lab’ item that we’ll proudly display in the Morris & James showroom.