Jacs Connelley Exhibition

For the next five weeks our Collection Room will be showcasing the work of Jacs Connelly. Jacs is one of Morris and James’s lead Glaze Artists and this exhibition will be curated by Elizabeth McClure.

The exhibition will be highlighting new pieces that have never been seen before and a few old favourites of Jacs’. Mostly inspired by local seascapes and birdlife, you can be sure to see a range of stunning flowers and birds as well as a variety of abstracts reminiscent of the works of Picasso and Cezanne.

Jacs has been a part of the Morris & James family for the past twenty-three years. A self-taught Artist, this will be her first exhibition at Morris & James. Using coloured clay slips with a clear glaze on top, Jacs was one of the first Artists at Morris & James to develop this particular technique.

Each layer of slip and glaze is applied painstakingly by hand, meaning no two pieces are ever the same. Identified by her distinctive signature JAC, Jacs’s work is sought after by Morris & James enthusiasts. Be sure to visit the exhibition before October 15th 2017 and perhaps start your own Jacs Connelly collection.

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