Timeless Terracotta

We've recently created a range of large Terracotta Bisqueware pots for cost effective, yet high impact statement pieces for your garden.

Our Terracotta Bisquware has been through a single high temperature firing, versus the typical two firings for glazed pieces. 

The beautiful thing about terracotta is that it ages naturally. If you'd like to speed up this natural process, you can apply yoghurt and moss to your Terracotta (see recipe below).

Alternatively, for a fresh look you can apply your own masonry sealer to your pot (available at any hardware store eg Mitre 10 or Bunnings). Using masonry sealer on the inside of the pot will also reduce evaporation losses.

How to get that aged effect on your Terracotta Pot

A common way to age your Terracotta is by applying yoghurt to the outside of your pot, and leaving it in a shaded area for at least one month.

However we recently came across another method which involved mixing moss into the yoghurt to speed up this process even more. All you need to do for this is collect some moss from your garden, and mix it into the yoghurt before applying it to your pot. The yoghurt provides grounds for the moss spores to grow, creating that natural aged look.