Eco friendly packaging options at Morris + James

We're taking steps to provide more environmentally friendly packaging. We're currently working with our packaging materials provider for more eco-friendly and sustainable materials. 

In the meantime, we can provide eco-friendly alternatives to bubblewrap, by offering to wrap your pottery in cardboard, which actually is most effective in protecting your ceramic piece from bumps and chipping. 

If you're planning to purchase some pots or ceramics from us, you could also bring a blanket or other reusable materials to wrap your pottery before putting it in the car. 

When you pop in to see us next, ask us about alternatives to bubble wrap to protect your pottery for the journey home. 

For any bubble wrap that is used, you can check out Love NZ Soft Plastics Recycling program, with collection bins located at over 70% of NZ supermarkets (including Countdown and New World in Warkworth). "Soft plastic" refers to any scrunch-able plastic, such as bread bags, courier bags, frozen food packets.... the plastics collected by this program gets sent to Australia where they have the technology to turn it into useful community facilities such as park benches and outdoor fitness equipment. For more information or find out your closest participating store visit:


Photo: A full car of pots by Instagram @rach_samjuju

Timeless Terracotta

We've recently created a range of large Terracotta Bisqueware pots for cost effective, yet high impact statement pieces for your garden.

Our Terracotta Bisquware has been through a single high temperature firing, versus the typical two firings for glazed pieces. 

The beautiful thing about terracotta is that it ages naturally. If you'd like to speed up this natural process, you can apply yoghurt and moss to your Terracotta (see recipe below).

Alternatively, for a fresh look you can apply your own masonry sealer to your pot (available at any hardware store eg Mitre 10 or Bunnings). Using masonry sealer on the inside of the pot will also reduce evaporation losses.

How to get that aged effect on your Terracotta Pot

A common way to age your Terracotta is by applying yoghurt to the outside of your pot, and leaving it in a shaded area for at least one month.

However we recently came across another method which involved mixing moss into the yoghurt to speed up this process even more. All you need to do for this is collect some moss from your garden, and mix it into the yoghurt before applying it to your pot. The yoghurt provides grounds for the moss spores to grow, creating that natural aged look. 

FREE Baking Creations fun for kids at Cafe Ringawera this July

Looking for something fun to keep the kids occupied these school holidays?

Patrick from Ringawera Cafe at Morris + James is running FREE Baking Creations workshops in Matakana this July, for kids aged 5 - 10 years old. 

Kids can come and create their own special bread treats and learn from a professional baker. Dough is pre-made. Patrick will show your kids how to make a bread roll, stick or loaf.. or whatever they'd like to take home for your family. The creation will be baked and available to take home after the workshop. Grab a coffee while you watch your kids learn about baking bread. 

Session Times: 

  • 10.30 - 11am Wednesday 11th July
  • 10.30 - 11am Wednesday 18th July

Baked creations will be ready for collection after 12.15pm on both days. 

Spaces are limited so bookings are essential. Contact Patrick to secure your spot on 09-422 7484.