Our origins

It was Anthony Morris and Sue James’ vision that brought the Pottery into being. Ants artistic flair and style continue to be a major influence on what we make today. All our ceramics are bold in form and vibrant in colour, dramatic pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Anthony’s desire was lasting value; for this to happen each one had to be special. This philosophy guides us still. We proudly continue to create special ceramic pieces worthy of taking pride of place in homes and spaces all around New Zealand, and the world.


Creative Vision

Ant Morris’ original vision for the Pottery was of a creative community of artisans.
The success of our work is based on the collective skills of all those who contribute to the different stages of making. The work reflects the imagination, talent and skill of all who participate in this creative community, and is reflected in the vibrancy and diversity of the Pottery.


Community Spirit

Morris & James has always been a part of the local community.
In the early days the Pottery was very much the face of Matakana.
Today although the village has grown, the Pottery is still an important part of the bustling rural centre that Matakana has become.
The company is owned and staffed by people who are ‘locals’ committed to and proud of their company.


Our place

We want Morris & James to be a beautiful place to visit and visitors to leave with vivid memories of both the things we make and the environment. The main material used, Matakana clay, is harvested from the site. The excavations are progressively replanted with native bush, becoming home to a wide variety of wild life. All the processes used are as far as possible designed to have minimal impact on the environment. There is a long term strategy for the development of the grounds.

What we make

Pottery is an ancient craft.
Despite the addition of equipment to assist in the making, the processes used are fundamentally the same as they were hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Morris & James respects and draws on this rich heritage, acknowledging what has been befote whilst endeavouring to create pottery that ref lects the world we live in.

Our designs

Unique, bold forms and vibrant colour. Over the years the designs have changed but our philosophy is consistent. The traditions live on, as the company moves forward, building on the founders’ original vision. The transfer of skills is fundamental to the continuity of a craft. At Morris & James not only are these skills maintained in the community, but passed on within staff families as the sons and daughters are employed by the business.

The future

The Pottery aims to be here for many years to come. We are proud to be participating in a vibrant local economy by offering employment, using the services of other local businesses and attracting visitors. Morris & James is committed to make a positive contribution, to the stewardship of the land it occupies. We hope that the pottery pieces will also reflect this long term commitment, and that everything created by Morris & James will be enjoyed by generations to come.